More Human Than Human.

Dick, Philip K. Do androids dream of electric sheep? 1968. Pages 1-12

Brief Summary: So far in the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, we have been introduced to Rick Deckard ( a Blade Runner ) and his wife Iran. We follow Rick Deckard as he starts his daily routine, welcoming the reader to the dystopian future of the Blade Runner world. Deckard gets out of bed and goes over to his Mood Organ controller, which i think is described as a chip planted in our minds that can stimulate different moods for you. His wife wakes up as he is getting ready for work and she immediately starts fighting with him and makes sly remarks about how she is not happy that he is a Blade Runner. This is showing us , the reader, how his relationship is, making us feel very connect from the start. His wife is pointlessly arguing with him and Deckard then try’s to suggest that they use their Mood Organ to change their morning. They argue some more about what mood to set for their day, this is also welcoming us to the new technology that Philip K. Dick predicts and is introducing us to. After Deckard and his wife are done arguing and decide on the set mood of their day, Deckard now heads out for work. This is as far as I have read so far.

Rick Deckard: Anti-Hero, Main Character, works as a Blade Runner for the police.

Iran Deckard: Wife of Rick Deckard.Blade-Runner-cityscape

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The authors style of writing so far is a throw you into the mess and you’ll figure it out style of writing. Which in my opinion is AMAZING! Because this actually makes you interact as if you’re actually there, it makes you think. Example of this would be, “A merry little surge of electricity piped by automatic alarm from the mood organ beside his bed awakened Rick Deckard.” (Dick, 1)



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